Divorce and The Emotions

Being part of a couple is wonderful until the disagreements become person and the fights escalate, and the decision to divorce can be mutual. Even if the couple agrees it is best for them to be apart, there are still emotions they must deal with before moving on in life. The circumstances of their break up might not have any cause they can point to, and that can make recovery even more difficult. When one person has done something wrong, the anger can overwhelm the other partner until they can no longer function. Divorce and emotions are often negative, but there can be a positive outcome for both partners.

Living through the Pain

Even if both people are willing to get divorced, there will still be a time when they have to find a way of living through the pain of this event. Couples who simply could not find any more mutual ground can still be in agony over their inability to remain together as a couple, and it can stop them from being able to function. It often takes time for the pain to recede to a manageable level, but life does not always afford either partner that luxury. Learning to function will be done one small step at a time, but it will eventually become easier.

Dealing with Anger

If there was a long time before the couple decided to divorce, they might have had intense arguments and fights that became quite personal. A spouse is always one who knows the buttons to push to upset their partner, and it could have caused a great deal of anger to take over one or both of them. Dealing with anger can be difficult, but it must be done before they can begin to rebuild their lives. Counseling can help a person who is dealing with this type of anger, but it is a long process before the healing truly begins.

A Sigh of Relief

There are times when a relationship is so contentious that ending it can become a positive factor, but some people feel guilty when they breathe a sigh of relief. They wonder if they had enough commitment to carry through on their emotions, and they wonder if they were the real cause of the divorce. Tension is often a huge part of the end of a relationship, and the sigh of relief is nothing more than letting go of it. It is one of the positive feelings that heralds the healing process that will occur.

Divorce is a painful time for the vast majority of people, and most of the feelings attached to it are negative. Emotional pain and anger are two of the strongest feelings most people will need to work through to begin their life again, and they may find that professional help will be necessary. While guilt and remorse are not always part of the emotional load, breathing a sigh of relief that it is over can bring them on. For those experiencing this phenomenon, they are actually moving on with their life as the reality of their freedom becomes known to them.